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Board report, 28 January 2018

posted Feb 20, 2018, 8:50 AM by Richard Barrett   [ updated Feb 20, 2018, 8:52 PM ]
We are pleased to announce that on 28 January 2018, the AGES Board voted to make Fr. Seraphim Dedes, AGES' founder, a full-time employee of AGES Initiatives, giving him the title of Principal. In this new role, Fr. Seraphim will continue to serve the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and other parishes throughout the world by focusing on content and delivery for liturgical services and music. In addition, to allow Fr. Seraphim to concentrate on these efforts, the Board voted to give the Richard Barrett, the Director of Development and Operations since 1 January 2017, the title and responsibilities of AGES' Executive Director. Richard will continue to work directly with Fr. Seraphim and the Board to oversee the operations of AGES, develop new programs, raise operating funds, and build our external partnerships in a manner consistent with Fr. Seraphim's founding vision. Εἰς ἀνώτερα!