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"This year Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in San Francisco, CA was blessed to host the Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers for the Bay Area's Orthodox Christian faithful. With a diverse background the service was executed using the AGES platform. A group of church musicians from across the area and different jurisdictions met several weeks leading up to the Vespers and used AGES rich collection of Western scores in English to rehearse for the service.  It was incredibly easy to send out links and instructions to dozens of communities to facilitate inclusion and participation. There were one or two scores missing but Fr. Seraphim and team were able to quickly produce a score for the group to use.  The church musicians who joined us from parishes where Byzantine chant is not the norm truly enjoyed chanting, developing a deeper appreciation of the hymnography and are eager for another opportunity like this. We are hoping to do something similar for our parish's feast day on the Feast of the Holy Spirit. This was a wonderful experiment in how digital tools in the Orthodox Church can be used to speed up communication across administrative lines. It also demonstrated how Byzantine chant in the English language could be one pastoral path to more cross-jurisdictional worship in the United States."
    - Nick Metrakos, cantor, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, San Francsico, CA

"I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your app. Not being a native Greek speaker, language has become a huge barrier to my being able to fully participate in services. At the start of a nearly all Greek Forgiveness Vespers on Sunday, I turned to my friend frustrated because no books were available. She pulled out her phone and showed me the app. I immediately downloaded and for once was able to fully follow a service!! I have been in tears during services that were totally inaccessible to me because the material was not available to follow along. You are doing such important work. I have visions of the future where parishes can collect old tablets, install the app and hand out to the parishioners to follow along. Every parish should be telling the faithful about the app. Imagine the voices rising from all the pews as people are able to fully participate in their faith. Thank you!!!"
    - Michelle Torski, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Boston, MA

"No price could be set on the value of AGES' work!"
    - Fr. Michael Eaccarino, Proistamenos, Ss Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church, Washington, DC

"The materials are absolutely amazing and I thank God for them every service! I love that for most services the Canons are an additional option, the English is easy to understand and read and the pointing of the English text is very, very helpful when chanting. Thank you for all you continued time, prayers and work towards this initiative!"
    - Eleni Mavrolefteros, cantor, St George Greek Orthodox Church, Rose Bay, Sydney, NSW (Australia)

"My parish recently served the Great Canon of St. Andrew with the life of St. Mary of Egypt. Your Compline services from the beginning of Lent were an invaluable resource in making it possible for parish to do this. Yours was the only text with side by side Greek and English for the Great Canon, at least that I’ve found."
    - Fr. Nicholas Halkias, Proistamenos, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Steubenville, OH

"I can genuinely say I am constantly impressed with how much work obviously goes into the materials. The translations and structuring make it incredibly easy to use, and I absolutely love that I can have Greek and English up at the same time so I can bounce back and forth as needed! Truly, your work is amazing."
    - Julie Rosenburg, parishioner and cantor

"With AGES, it took me two seconds to convince my priest to do the first and third odes of the canon at Matins because I could instantly pull them up for him, dual language."
    - Samuel Herron, Protopsaltis, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Boston, MA

"We use AGES' texts for almost every service. They are EXTREMELY reliable in terms of compiling and properly ordering the services for parish use, and have been immensely helpful in this regard. It really saves a lot of time and hardship, and really helps keeps priests and chanters literally on the same page."
    - Tony Koroulakis, cantor

"AGES is the basis for most everything I do as a cantor. I wouldn't and couldn't be a chanter without them. The breadth of available materials (and very important corresponding recordings) are the backbone of my chant repertoire."
    - Peter Doughty, cantor

"Having services at the click of a button is incalculably valuable especially for clergy."
    - Jordan Parro, seminarian, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Brookline, MA

"AGES has been a blessing as I learn to chant. It is an essential part of my preparation each week, and a life saver."
    - Ezekiel Wolfe, cantor

"AGES is unparalleled. No one else has translations and music that are readily available and good quality. Overall, a great gift to clergy and chanters alike, that makes ministry so much easier and the services more approachable. I started using your Presanctified booklets this year and won't go back."
    - Fr. Timothy Cook, proistamenos, St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Saginaw, MI

"The ability to customize my own typikon for Matins is amazing, and the ability to with a finger tap switch between English and Greek is brilliant. For a bilingual parish, this eliminates having to go through 6 books."
    - Dusan Radosavljevic, cantor, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Sacramento, CA