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AGES Liturgical Workbench

AGES Liturgical Workbench (AGES LWB) is a cross-platform, role-based software product that provides tools for the creation and review of translations of Eastern Orthodox liturgical texts and the generation of services for specified days. This will be accomplished through a software component called the AGES Rubric Engine, which will read source texts (original and translations), and apply rubrics and templates to produce a service for a specific day in a variety of formats such as PDF, HTML, or ePUB (for viewing on mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets). Although AGES WB will itself be capable of generating services, its primary purpose is to provide efficient, user friendly software tools to develop the texts, capture the rubrics for specified typikons, and create templates.

AGES LWB is cross-platform in that it can be run on Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems. It will support the following user roles: translator, reviewer, rubrics administrator, template administrator, and others. It can be used while disconnected from the Internet, in order to support the needs of users overseas who might not have continuous Internet access. The workbench will allow them to synchronize and backup file versions with an AGES server.

Clergy, chanters, and others will primarily make use of a future web-based AGES system called AGES On-Demand that will supply services over the Internet in requested formats for printing or viewing on desktops, tablets, or smart phones.

Plans are under way to have the first release of AGES Liturgical Workbench and AGES On-Demand ready for use the Summer of 2014.

The software for AGES Liturgical Workbench and AGES On-Demand is open source, available under the Eclipse Public License. See

Besides software, the AGES Liturgical Workbench includes two Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), a set of typikon templates, and a library of the Greek liturgical texts.  The DSLs are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs license. See The templates and Greek library are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.  See

By releasing AGES Liturgical Workbench and AGES On-Demand under the Eclipse Public License and the associated DSLs, templates, and Greek library under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, these products are in essence owned by the entire Eastern Orthodox community, irrespective of country or jurisdiction.  Everyone is allowed to use or even modify the source code as long as they make the changes publicly available under the same license terms.