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Holy Week Preparation

The services of Holy Week are central to our liturgical year; they are also tremendously challenging to sing confidently and with strength. This year, Palm Sunday falls on 1 April 2018. AGES is offering one-on-one online sessions to teach the music and rubrics for these services as well as to build confidence levels. Whether you're a beginner or somebody more advanced, we want to help you!

During these sessions, we will spend time with you on the structure of the Holy Week services, we will teach you the music, and we will teach you strategies for liturgical recovery in those inevitable cases where the unexpected happens. We will employ the free scores, English language texts, and rubrics found on the Digital Chant Stand.

Sessions are scheduled at your convenience, and cost $35/session a la carte. Payment options are available.

For more information please click here to complete this form, and we will get back to you right away.