Parish Package: Print

  1. Customized format and style

  2. Printable texts

  3. Ordinary with inserts

  4. Musical scores

1. Virtually every text produced by the AGES Liturgical Workbench can be generated as a PDF document. The client gets to choose and customize one format and style for all printables. Customization includes selection of page size and layout, font and colors.

2. The client gets all computed and pre-compiled services (i.e. Vespers, Matins, Liturgy) in their customized printable format.

3. The client may choose to have the ordinaries (unchanging parts) of services as static printable texts, with printable inserts of the changeable parts. This could apply to Vespers, Matins, Liturgy, Great Compline and Presanctified Liturgy.

4. The available musical scores are PDF files and therefore also printable. Printable scores, booklets and files are accessed from AGES DCS.