Parish Package: View

  1. PDF

  2. HTML

  3. ePub

  4. Epistle Reader

1. Liturgical texts and musical scores are available as PDF files, according to the client’s specifications. Clients can access, view and print these PDF files using the AGES Digital Chant Stand.

2. Static as well as computed and pre-compiled services are viewable as HTML files in AGES DCS. Clients can choose to view up to two languages or versions side by side. In bilingual mode, the client may view one language/version at a time, and then switch to the other with a tap/click, using our “two languages on tap” technology. Links to available media (scores and audio) are available here as well. This is currently the client’s primary access to the music in the library.

3. AGES is developing ePub generation of services for use in standard eReaders and apps. This will be useful as a pew book that provides all the texts of all the services, including the changeable parts. The service texts can also be specially formatted as an ePub altar book for the clergy. Clergy parts can be highlighted, made larger, etc. and rubrics and reminders can be added.

4. No unwieldy and user-unfriendly book here; no ribbon markers, no flipping back and forth between prokeimenon and text. When this is developed, it will be a gilt-free digital Apostolos (Epistle Lectionary). Always get the correct reading for the day.