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3.2 Translations and Versions

Add to the diversity described above the multiple English translations of basically the same material. These various versions differ either in style of English (i.e. Elizabethan or Modern), style of translation (prose or metered), cost (free or for sale), and medium (print or electronic). They also differ in scope. It may happen that no single version has everything needed for a particular service, and therefore some parts of the same service are taken from different versions. This applies both to hymnology and to scriptural verses and passages used in a service. The preference for one version over another is sometimes determined by the jurisdiction or ruling bishop.

Then there is the issue of new, improved, and approved translations. When a translation of a particular hymn or of an entire service is added, changed, or made the official version of a jurisdiction, the challenge is in distributing it. New books are expensive to publish and expensive to buy, especially in the large quantities needed by parishes. Therefore new publications featuring improved and approved texts are few and far between. The high cost of new books, therefore, becomes an obstacle and deterrent to further improvement.

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