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4.1 Prepared Services

One solution to the problem of lack of trained church singers is to train more church singers, so that they will have both the skill and the knowledge to navigate the complex rubrics and perform the correct material. This is easier said than done. Most church singers in the GOA are untrained volunteers, and their parishes currently do not want to pay professional music directors. So there is little incentive to pursue advanced training.

The other solution is to have someone else do the more difficult task of preparing the texts and music for the services ahead of time. In 1991, then Bishop Philip of Atlanta imagined publishing a digest of prepared complete services for parish use; but he was unable to complete that project before his death.

In 1994, Narthex Press began producing and marketing its semi-annual publication of the complete Sunday Orthros (i.e. Matins) service, in Greek and English, for every week of the year. It has become a familiar resource, and because of its size it is referred to as the “phonebook.”

In 2002, Fr. Seraphim Dedes, then superior of St. Gregory Palamas Monastery in Ohio, began publishing what has come to be known as eMatins material. These are also prepared texts, in Greek and English, of primarily Matins services, with associated scores in staff notation. The eMatins publications differ from those of Narthex Press in that they are offered as online downloads at no cost.

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