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6.4 Translation Support

Liturgical texts in the mother-tongue of the people are critical to the establishment of vibrant Eucharistic communities. There is a need for an electronic library of liturgical texts in the original Greek and other languages, and also for translation software that makes use of the library of liturgical texts and provides tools for development of new translations.

The AGES database will contain the entire library of liturgical texts. In addition to the original Greek and other traditional liturgical languages, publishers of English and other language versions will be able to use AGES to store, organize, and deliver their own content. The latter serve as translation models that can be studied by a translator.

AGES Workbench will include tools that support the translation of liturgical texts, and indeed in the mission field. The AGES LiturgiText (ALT) will facilitate the creation of new versions to be added to the library. The AGES Analysis and Research Tool (AART) will support the needs of translators and scholars studying the library.

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