2.2 Benefits of Worship

In addition to the existential dimension of the Church’s worship, the enactment of worship benefits the worshipers. During the services and ceremonies, attendees are edified, reminded, instructed, exhorted, guided, healed, uplifted, inspired. Fr. Alkiviadis Calivas wrote that worship and liturgy are understood as

the unique way in which Christ's saving acts are always remembered, renewed, and partaken of by the Church and her members... [I]n its structure, content, and style Orthodox worship is replete with biblical themes, doctrinal teachings, and moral exhortations. Worship is, in fact, the Church’s primary spiritual guide and teacher as it provides the worshipper with a fundamental understanding of the deeper meanings of the Scriptures and of the life of faith. (Aspects of Orthodox Worship, p.29)

Practically speaking, the more or less church services conducted in a parish are for some people their only contact with the Church, and the only time they actually pray, however substandard that may be. Therefore, it is important that services not be conducted in a manner that is haphazard or ill-prepared, but attractive, spiritually uplifting, and therapeutic, and in a sacred manner befitting the divine. After all, it is in the context of these services that worshippers may partake of the Church’s sacraments.

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